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AiRANACULUS is at the forefront in Intelligent RF and Networking Solutions for applications ranging from Space to Smart Cities. The company has assembled the world’s leading experts to provide algorithms, reference architectures and products in signal processing, cross-layer analysis, cybersecurity and networking to create spectrum aware technologies capable of re-configuring radio and sensor systems for optimal performance in congested and contested environments.

Program Title Agency Award Date Description
Cross-Layer Wide-Band Cognitive Communications Architecture Enabled by Intelligent Direct Digital Transceiver (CLAIRE)NASAJuly 2020Develops a cognitive communications architecture for NASA’ s moon mission in 2024. Uses advanced sensing and machine learning technologies for decision making.
Waveform Agnostic Decision Engine (WADER)ARMYJune 2020Makes DoD radios resilient by optimizing the degrees of freedom using machine learning techniques.
CohoDARPADec 2020Signal detection, characterization and recognition for ISR missions.
NSC 5G Dynamic Spectrum SharingAFMarch 2021Technique to enable spectrum co-existence between high power airborne radar and commercial 5G systems.
LPD WaveformIRAD-Develops secure protected low probability of detection communications link.
Cognitive Multi User Detection for Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform (CAMICA)NAVYApril 2021Develops Multi User Detection (MUD) Techniques to boost the capacity for the Advanced Tactical Networking Waveform .
Intelligent Network Function Virtualization and Policy-based Routing EngineNASAMay 2021Develops Network Function Virtualization based on Network Policies for NASA' s Moon Mission in 2024.
Next Gen Security ArchitectureIRAD-Develops Zero Trust Architecture for Smart Cities
Securing Compartmented Information with Smart Radio Systems (SCISRS)IARPASept. 2021Develops innovative techniques to automatically detect and characterize RF anomalies in complex RF environments.
Operational Spectrum Comprehension Analytics and ResponseNavyOct. 2021Intelligent Spectrum Management
MUSCETAFOct 2022Develops Multi-Channel Multi-Functional UHF-50 GHz Cognitive Transceiver
Biological and Chemical Threat Prediction and Reasoning SystemDTRAMay 2023The BiCEPS System leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to analyze the data from wearable devices to detect human exposure to agents.
Dynamic Spectrum ManagementNavyMay 2023Dynamic Spectrum Management will provide architecture and technologies to enable spectrum sharing between Radars and 5G Systems

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The NSC's Third Spotlight Interview Featuring Apurva Mody!

In the third episode of the NSC spotlight series, Sal D'Itri, Chair of the National Spectrum Consortium, is speaking to Apurva Mody, Executive Committee member. In the video, they discuss spectrum innovation. When not representing the Consortium, Apurva works for AiRANACULUS.

We hope these videos help bring a sense of community during these unprecedented times. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the conversation.


Sal D'Itri
Chair, NSC
Vice President and General Manager, Federal - Federated Wireless


Apurva Mody
Executive Committee Member

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Press Release Date
AiRANACULUS® Awarded Contract from NASA to Demonstrate Feasibility of an Advanced Communications System for Moon Missions

Press Release

October 29, 2020
AiRANACULUS® - Nation’s Top 5G Experts come together for the State of Indiana 5G Zone’s First Quarterly Innovation Event

Press Release, Video 1: Admiral (Ret.) David Simpson with Bob Flores, Former CTO, CIA , Video 2: Dr. Apurva N. Mody with Dr. Walt Magnussen

January 13th, 2021
AiRANACULUS® Awarded Contract from NASA to bring 5G Architecture to the Moon and Mars Missions

Press Release

June 6th, 2021
AiRANACULUS® Awarded Phase II NASA Contract for Advanced Space Communications System

Press Release

October 27th, 2021
AiRANACULUS® Awarded Intelligence Agency Contract For Enhanced Communications Security

Press Release

November 4th, 2021
AiRANACULUS® Adds Defense and Aerospace Research Leaders, Dr. Mike Griffin and Dr. Lisa Porter to the Advisory Board

Press Release

March 29th 2022


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